2010 Election Season Begins at Next Meeting, Member’s to Nominate Next Year’s Board

By Sean Murphy

Are you interested in particpating in the corporate governance of the Charlotte Junior Chamber? If so the next General Membership meeting on Oct. 5 is for you. That night, we will solicit nominations for the following positions to be filled by general election:

  • President
  • Vice President (5 positions)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • State Director
  • Area Directors (Min 5 Max 15)

There are five Vice President positions available with the highest vote getter, being elected as First Vice President to serve in the President’s absence.

The Chaplin, Webmaster and Legal Council will be appointed by incoming president after all elections have taken place.

Executive Board

President, Vice Presidents (5), Treasurer, Secretary and State Director

Executive Board Elections, consisting of President, Vice Presidents (5), Treasurer, Secretary and State Director, and Solicitation for Area Directors Nominations will be held at the General Membership Meeting on November 2nd. Area Director Elections will be held at the General Membership Meeting on December 7th . You may also submit nominations in writing at anytime up until 7:00 pm of our November 2nd meeting and the Elections Committee will qualify the nominee and confirm their acceptance of the nomination.

Each nominated for officer will have an opportunity to deliver campaign speeches with the nominees for President being given 10 minutes to speak and the remaining Executive Board Officers given 5 minutes to speak.

Any members in good standing may run for elected office. Those members running that have not been a member in good standing for 6 months prior to taking office must attend the Board of Directors Training Event on October 26, 2010 and chair a project through the CPG process or are currently chairing a project prior to taking office. If you have any questions or would like to be considered for a board position in 2011 please contact Chairman of the Board Sean Murphy at murphyholdings@gmail.com

Thank you,
Election Committee
Sean Murphy 2010 Chairman of the Board, 81st President
Rocky Norkum 80th President
Dann Dunn 79th President

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