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The Charlotte Junior Chamber is an elite young professional organization that offers tangible opportunities for you to grow as an individual. We’re dedicated to helping you mold yourself and your community in positive ways.

We offer a range of social activities, leadership opportunities, seminars, self-development exercises, community projects, professional education and many more areas for you to get involved, grow and mature as an individual and make a difference in the lives of others. We pride ourselves on establishing political awareness and the impact that our government has on society as well as how being actively involved in our community positively impacts the world around us.

Join us as and help strengthen the young professionals of Charlotte through an organization who is on a lifelong pursuit of strong faith, integrity, economic justice and service to humanity.

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1st Tuesday of every month – General Membership MeetingGuests welcome
2nd Tuesday of every month – Board of Directors MeetingMembers welcome
3rd Tuesday of every month – Monthly M-Night SocialEveryone welcome!

One year membership is $100

One year Renewal $75

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