What We Do

Business Development


Our Business Development Area focuses on the promotion and improvement of business education, networking and entrepreneurial development for the Charlotte Junior Chamber member and Charlotte’s business community.
Contact businessdevelepment@charlottejuniorchamber.com for more information.

Individual Development


Our Individual Development program is designed for members to learn about the Junior Chamber and experience personal and professional growth in a logical manner.


Designed for first-year members, is a tool for the chapter to activate new members, ensure that they have every opportunity to gain the benefits of membership, and are able to make a fully informed decision when it comes time to renew their membership.


Upon completion of the Springboard requirements, including renewing dues, the new member should complete the Springboard Certification Form, asks the Chapter President to sign it, and mail it to the state office. This will certify the new member in the Springboard program. Once new members have completed the Springboard requirements, they will have earned their first three Degrees.


The degrees continue where Springboard leaves off. Degrees of Jaycees are a career path for members, providing a logical sequence of events to be followed. By working through the various requirements spread across 10 degree levels, members will learn and grow in the Junior Chamber experience.

For the member, Degrees is a guide for personal growth. In addition, each member completing the Degrees of Jaycees program achieves the benefits of leadership training while directly affecting the experience of other members.

For the chapter, Degrees of Jaycees is a personnel management program which can be used toward the achievement of chapter goals through member participation. The chapter also gains increased visibility and influence within the community. The Degrees program is divided into three phases, as described below:

Phase 1: INVOLVEMENT — the first three degrees provide newer Jaycees with opportunities to experience orientation, training, and community awareness. (See Springboard)

Phase 2: EXPERIENCE — Degrees four, five, and six are designed to let Jaycees use their experiences from the first phase to develop skills in activation, action, and recruiting.

Phase 3: LEADERSHIP — the last four degrees enhance participants’ training and leadership skills gained in the first two phases.

CERTIFICATION: When a degree has been achieved, members should complete a Degrees of Jaycees Certification Form, listing the degree and the activities completed. Chapter Presidents must sign the forms and send them to their state office.

Note: Participants must complete one degree at a time. There are no retroactive items. Only degrees completed during the current Junior Chamber year are accepted.
Contact individualdevelepment@charlottejuniorchamber.com for more information.

Community Development


We engage in community activities that strengthen the individuals and the society in which we live, allowing us to participate in the revitalization and growth of our community. This area develops the sensitivity of individual members to societal problems and community dynamics by providing hands-on problem solving experience. Our objective is to gather a better understanding of what Charlotte needs and then use that knowledge to enrich the lives of the citizens in the greater Charlotte area.
Contact communitydevelepment@charlottejuniorchamber.com for more information.

International Development


The vision of Junior Chamber International is to be the leading global network of young active citizens. With over 5,000 local Junior Chamber chapters in over 100 countries, we are in position to make that vision a coming reality. Each year, members from all over the globe gather together at the JCI World Congress.
Visit www.JCI.cc for more information.