Why I Joined: Will Peters

By Will Peters, 2010 President

I joined the Jaycees for 3 reasons.

1. Improve my leadership skills
2. Become connected to progressive professionals in Charlotte
3. Make a difference in and for the Charlotte community

I must admit, that in the beginning I joined for selfish reasons of growing myself and my business. I’m a small business owner in Charlotte who was seeking to improve the quality of my company and business performance. To improve the quality of any company I believe starts with improving the people and product of that company. As the owner of the company, I believe it starts with me. So leadership development is very important to me.

I sought to get better in my development by improving my leadership skills, connecting with progressive professionals and making a difference in my community. The Charlotte Junior Chamber (Jaycees) provided me that opportunity. I’ve been embracing that opportunity ever since.

I moved here from Connecticut because of my love at first sight for Charlotte. I first came to Charlotte in October of 2006 cialis for daily use cost. After a couple trips around Charlotte, conversations and a trip to the small business hub with the City of Charlotte I knew this was the place I would launch my business and raise my family. Due to my great love of Charlotte and where it’s going, I plan to do what it takes to grow Charlotte as one of the most premiere cities in the world.

Again, I believe that to improve the quality of a city and it’s performance, begins with it’s people. The creative minds of Charlotte are a key driver for the future of Charlotte. With so many creative and talented minds blooming in Charlotte, the city will continue to become one of the most sought out cities in the world.

The Charlotte Junior Chamber offered me a creative and progressive place to connect with the future of the city. I was able to gain more than what I asked for. I asked for leadership development, connections and community service. I achieved that as well as improved character, communication, vision, impact, meetings with business leaders, community leaders, international leaders, and much more. Most importantly, I’ve made life long friends along the way.

The members of this organization along with the heritage of creating previous leaders of our city encouraged me to follow in the foot steps of these great men and women. Through my years of dedication I have improved my leadership skills, become connected to progressive professionals in Charlotte, and made a difference in and for the Charlotte community. Thanks to the Junior Chamber, I have been able to translate this experience to my personal life, business life, and community.

I encourage individuals seeking impact in your lives and community to join us in our journey of becoming Charlotte’s next civic, business and community leaders.

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